OptimusBlue Miner

OptimusBlue Miner

CryptoNote Mining Simplified

– Easy to setup and use for novice and experienced miners alike.

– Simply select the coin to be mined, insert your wallet address, select CPU  and/or GPU mining and click start!

– The miner will remember your wallet used for each coin which makes switching easy.

– Windows 7 & Windows 10 Compatible

Download Optimusblue Miner

Installation Instructions

– Download and Extract the file.

– Your Anti-virus might have a problem with some of the files, that is normal and you should just add an exception to your Anti-virus.

– Execute the OptimusBlueMiner.exe to start the miner.

All the Info and Reports at your fingertips!


Monitor the hashrate of the miner.


Reports about the results produced by your miner.


Review the connection statistics of your miner.


Huge credit goes to WhassupZA (Developer of Plenteum) who developed the GUI for OptimusBlue.
Thank you very much!